On the Road to Mass Market Electric Vehicles

Julian Bentley

On the Road to Mass Market Electric Vehicles: Course Number (PD 2001)

Instructor: Julian Bentley is the Managing Director and founder of Bentley Energy Consulting.  He has more than 20 years of experience providing energy and environmental management consulting services to the federal government, including DoD fuel management, DoD operational energy initiatives, federal fleet management, energy policy, strategic planning, utility procurement policy, and cost-benefit analyses.


Course Starts:  October 15, 2019.

Self-Paced Videos Plus Live Webinars: Students watch twenty-three 30-minute videos organized into three modules. That is a 4-hour weekly commitment for three weeks or 12 hours in total.  Julian will also host three interactive webinars, one after each module, to answer student questions and address additional topics.  The webinars are scheduled for October 28th, Nov 4 and 11from 1:15 to 2:45 PM ET and will be recorded for later viewing.

George Washington University Course Certificate: Issued to students completing a pass-fail final exam

Registration Deadline: October 15, 2019, late registration deadline: October 28th.

Cost: $350, group discounts available



Course Summary

Students that take this course will learn about the types of electric vehicles, the market and factors driving market growth, barriers to growth and how the market may overcome potential barriers, EV charging structures and charging station deployment. The course is designed for educators, government and corporate decision makers with and advisors with the following learning objectives.

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EV Course:  How you can use what you'll learn
  • Create an EV knowledge foundation
  • Develop a framework for understanding the EV market and industry players
  • Understand primary factors affecting the growth of the EV market and how the market may overcome potential barriers

Academics and Educators

  • Understand EV issues and topics that require academic research and support
  • Develop the core EV knowledge to support industry research 
  • Determine if and how EV’s make sense for your campus fleet
Government Decision Makers
  • Identify regulatory areas that may need to be updated to support EVs
  • Determine how and where to deploy government resources to support EV deployment
  • Estimate impacts of EVs on other industries
Corporate Sustainability Professionals 
  • Determine if and how EV’s make sense for your (or your client’s) fleet
  • Identify EV technologies that are worth investing in today versus for the future
  • Plan for, deploy, and understand business models for EV charging infrastructure
  • Identify business opportunities in the EV market
  • Minimize impacts of EVs on  the utility grid and facility bills

Course Modules

Understanding Electric Vehicles
  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Overview of Transportation Sustainability
  • Lesson 3: Overview of Electric Vehicles
  • Lesson 4: Electric Vehicle Benefits
  • Lesson 5: Electric Vehicle Challenges
  • Lesson 6: Costs for Electric Vehicles
  • Lesson 7: Operating Electric Vehicles
  • Lesson 8: Electric Vehicle Batteries
The Electric Vehicle Market
  • Lesson 9: Current Electric Vehicle Market
  • Lesson 10: Market Segmentation
  • Lesson 11: Electric Vehicle Market Drivers
  • Lesson 12: Forecasts for Electric Vehicle Adoption
  • Lesson 13: Policies and Regulations
  • Lesson 14: Consumer Incentives
  • Lesson 15: Consumer Attitudes
  • Lesson 16:  Autonomous Vehicles and EVs
types of ev
Charging Infrastructure and Charging Station Deployment 
  • Lesson 17: Overview of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Lesson 18: Current U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Lesson 19: Future of Public U.S. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Lesson 20: Infrastructure Implementation Planning/Design
  • Lesson 21: Charging Infrastructure Implementation
  • Lesson 22: Electric Vehicle Impacts on the Grid 
  • Lesson 23: Business Models for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
charge landscape