Energy Survey and Simulation

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Welcome to the energy research study! Please watch the introduction video below: 

Introduction: You are being asked if you want to take part in this study because you use electricity. Please read this form and ask us any questions that will help you decide if you want to be in the study. Taking part is completely voluntary and even if you decide you want to, you can quit at any time. If you are a student or colleague your academic or professional status will not be affected in any way should you choose not to take part or to withdraw at any time. Your decision to take part or not will not affect the services or benefits provided to you by GWU. If you decide to take part and then change your mind you can quit at any time. You must be at least 18 years old to take part in this study. You are 1 of an estimated 1,500 people taking part in this study.
Purpose: The study is being conducted to understand how people view and understand energy technology.
Procedures: The total amount of time you will spend in this study is about 30 minutes. All participants will answer survey questions and conduct a simulation exercise.  If you choose to take part in this research, you will: answer survey questions (10-minute duration), complete an online simulation exercise (10 minute duration) and answer more survey questions (10 minute duration).
Risks and Confidentiality: The study has the following risks: You may feel some emotional stress/discomfort in answering the survey questions. You are free to skip any questions or stop taking the survey at any point. There is a small chance that someone not on our research team could find out that you took part in the study or somehow connect your name with the information we collect about you, however the following steps are being taken to reduce this risk: Data collected by this form will be password protected. Only one research will be able to access the data. The analysis will be conducted using blind password-protected data. The data file will be deleted after analysis. The records of this study will be kept private. In any published articles or presentations, we will not include any information that will make it possible to identify you as a subject.
Benefits: Taking part in this research will not help you directly, however the benefit to society will be a better understanding of energy technology.
Questions: Talk to the research team if you have questions, concerns, complaints, or think you have been harmed. You can contact the Principal Investigator listed on the front of this form via the email: [email protected]. For questions regarding your rights as a participant in human research call the GWU Office of Human Research at 202-994-2715.
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