Managing Natural Resource Risks, Liabilities and Opportunities

Reconsidering the Relationship between Superfund and Natural Resource Damages, Minimizing the Need for Litigation, Leveraging Opportunities Spurred by Regulatory Reform, PRPs Taking Charge, Public/

Carbon Dioxide Removal/Negative Emissions

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Introductions  (8.30-9.00am)


EEMI Hosts Major Energy and Sustainability Event

On February 24 the Environmental and Energy Management Institute (EEMI) hosted the 3rd annual Energy & Sustainability Extravaganza along with the Association of Energy Engineers National Capital Chapter (AEE NCC) and Leaders in Energy.

$10k Award for Innovative Student Solutions

Call for Solutions from Collegiate Innovators is now open for 2017! Seeking Undergraduate & Graduate Innovations That Improve Economies, Health, and the Environment, fitting under the Theme of Sustainability. **Award: $10,000 cash** Final Registration Deadline: September 06, 2017, 11:59pm GMT, $50 registration fee. Please be aware that the deadline is in the GMT time zone

Solar Design Competition

Posted, March 4

Professor Joe Cascio, Esq. Lectures at the National Defense University

"Professor Joe Cascio, Esq. (Co-Director EEMI-EMSE) gave a lecture on January 30 at the National Defense University to the class of military and civilian government officials now attending its ten-month program in the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy.

Visiting Scholar, Alex Beehler Speaks at Global Solutions Summit

On December 12, Alex Beehler, Visiting Scholar and Board Member of the Environmental and Energy Management Institute (EEMI), participated in a roundtable on finance development projects in the United States and across the world that focus on environmental sustainability and poverty.

President Knapp Signs Climate Action Letter

George Washington President Steven Knapp and more than 170 presidents and chancellors from colleges and universities, including those in 35 U.S. states, have joined together to urge President-elect Donald Trump and the incoming Congress to accelerate progress toward a clean energy future.

Americans’ Belief in Climate Change Tied to Local Weather Events

A new study co-authored by a George Washington University researcher finds that local weather may play an important role in determining Americans’ belief in climate change. The study found that Americans who recently experienced record low temperatures are less likely to belief the Earth is warming compared to those who have experienced highs.

Course offering: EMSE 6992-11

Experience in the regulated community indicates that even rigorously compliant enterprises still have exposures to episodic regulatory violations and environmental incidents, as well as to failures to reduce energy consumption or secure renewable alternatives.

Course Offering: EMSE 6992-80

What are standards and why care about them? Standards are agreed-upon ways of doing something – of making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials.



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